Become a member

Who is eligible to be a member of our P&C Association?
• All parents and guardians of students enrolled at the school.
• All citizens within the school community.
• The Principal of the school, or the Principal’s nominee, shall be a member, ex officio, of the P&C Association and its sub-committees.
• School staff may become members of the P&C Association.
• Employees of the P&C Association can be a member; however, they will need to understand the Conflict of Interests and be aware of potential conflicts when attending and participating in a meeting.

How do people become members of our P&C Association?
By paying the prescribed annual subscription (membership fee) to the Treasurer or nominee and their name recorded in the register of members. The register of members is updated at the close of a General Meeting and the close of the Annual General Meeting.

Do P&C Associations charge a membership fee?
Yes. Each P&C Association has an annual subscription (membership fee) payable for those individuals who meet the membership criteria and wish to be a member. A financial member is able to participate in the democratic decision making processes of the P&C Association.

If I attend a P&C Association meeting regularly and don’t pay am I a member?
No. You will only be considered an observer and will not be able to participate in the procedures of the meeting. Only a financial member can participate in the democratic decision making processes of a P&C Association. It is the discretion of the chairperson to allow you to participate during the meeting.

Is the Principal a member of the P&C Association?
Yes. The Principal is always a member by virtue of their role as an ex officio member.

Must I be a financial member to be nominated for a position with the P&C?
Yes. A person must be a financial member and their name is to appear on the register of members to be nominated and accept the nomination for any position for Officer Bearer or member of the Executive Committee of a P&C Association.

For the full list of rules around P&C Membership, please see HERE.