Uniform Shop

With much anticipation and excitement, we are pleased to announce the launch of the NEW UNIFORM SHOP!!! Details as follows, please read as it is important!



The ‘school shop’ within MunchMonitor has been disabled as at Wednesday 21 October, however any orders placed up until that point will be fulfilled this Friday (23 October).  Please note that canteen orders will continue to be placed via MunchMonitor as that is the system our canteen provider uses.

Why the move?

We made the decision to transfer to the Square platform to ensure consistency (as this is the system used by the P&C for all school events) and for increased functionality.

Due to Covid, parents and carers cannot come onto the school grounds therefore this platform should be used for all your uniform needs until restrictions ease and we are able to reopen the uniform shop for face-to-face sales.

Berelle’s and Wileys

We source our uniforms through various suppliers however only two of which have historically been accessible to the public.  As you may be aware, Berelles School Wear closed their shop front in Maroubra a few months back.  At this point the P&C made the decision to stock all girl’s style uniform items as well as boy’s style uniforms to ensure that parents and carers continued to have a local option to purchase uniforms.  Berelle’s will continue to hold limited stock of various items which can be purchased via their website: https://www.berelleschoolwear.com.au

We have welcomed Wileys to continue stocking our uniforms however we are yet to receive confirmation of this.  Our understanding is that they have very limited stock remaining at this point.  We will advise any updates on this as soon as possible.

Square/New Uniform Shop

All uniform items can now be purchased via the new uniform website:


You do not need to open an account, you simply select the ‘shop now’ button on the home page.

Delivery of orders

Currently the shipping option within Square is set to ‘pick-up’ (as indicated in the system) however due to Covid all orders placed for current students by close of business on Thursday each week will be delivered to their classroom on the Friday of that week.  Orders for new students will be available for collection from the school office.

Orders for current students

Important – In order to ensure that orders are delivered to student’s classrooms, please include the student’s full name (first name and surname) and class in the notes section on the last page of the checkout.

Orders for new students not yet attending the school

Important – In order to ensure that your order is made available for collection at the school office, please include the new student’s full name (first name and surname) and the words ‘new student’ in the notes section on the last page of the checkout.

New pricing

Below/attached you will find the new uniform shop price list.  Prices had not been reviewed for over five years and we have ensured that our prices continue to remain competitive.

Second-hand items

Second-hand items are still available from the uniform shop albeit in varying quantities for different items.  We have seen a reduction in donations likely due to Covid therefore we encourage you to continue making donations which can be left at the school office.

The second-hand items are not currently available in the new website however we will be adding them in the coming weeks.  We will advise as soon as they are available. In the interim, please contact us on uniformshopscps@gmail.com if you require any second-hand items.

Finally, a huge thank you to those who have volunteered their time to get the new system up and running including but not limited to Brad Mitchell, Ellise Andreacchio and Deanna (Dee) Rodden. You are all amazing!

If you have any questions please send us an email at uniformshopscps@gmail.com.

We look forward to assisting you with all your uniform needs!


Thank you for supporting our school community!