Bunnings BBQ – Fundraising for the Grow Your Mind Mental Health & Wellbeing Program

Grow your mind fundraiser

We are very excited to announce that next year South Coogee Public School will be implementing the Grow Your Mind program. This positive education program supports our Kids Matter focus – supporting learners’ mental health and wellbeing. Each class will be provided with a Grow Your Mind kit. These kits are informed by leading-edge research in the fields of developmental cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness, social and emotional learning and positive psychology. The kits are designed to make embedding wellbeing messages easy, fast and effective.

Grow Your Mind kits aim to support South Coogee Public School to have a positive, inclusive culture by facilitating a common language of wellbeing.

In each kit there are resources that help to grow learners’ resilience, mindfulness, impulse control, emotional regulation, courage and a growth mindset.

If you would like to know more about this initiative you can visit the Grow Your Mind website at:  https://www.growyourmind.life/

Given the huge interest recently on this topic by the parents and carers community, the P&C have agreed  to cover the cost of this initiative. In order to raise funds for the Grow Your Mind program, we have agreed to run a BBQ at Eastgardens Bunnings on Saturday 1st December.

We are looking for volunteers to help out at this fundraising event. For all those campaigning for this cause, this is your chance to volunteer for something you feel strongly about!


The suggested roster for classes is listed below:

7:30am – 10:00am Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4)

10:00am – 12:30 pm Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)

12:30pm – 2:00pm Early Stage 1 (Kindergarten)

2:00pm – 4:30pm Stage 3 (Years 5 & 6)

(if you cannot make your child’s Stage time slot, NEVER FEAR! We’ll take anyone, anytime! All hands are helping hands, so whenever you can make it is appreciated… we’re just trying to spread the load, so if you are flexible please choose your relevant time, or a time where there seems to be less volunteers, THANK YOU!)

If you are able to help out please enter your details in the relevant time slot HERE

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