P&C Newsletter Term 1, Week 7

Hi everyone,

What a week! There’s already been a number of changes being made in our society due to Novel coronavirus, and we assume more to come. Hoping your family and friends are all healthy, and your house is full of enough toilet paper supplies (but only as much as you NEED!). It’s tumultuous times out there guys. Be patient, be kind, check in on your elderly neighbours and those less mobile than you. We’re all in this together.

Please see below for the latest P&C Newsletter…

Your New Exec

The P&C AGM was held in Week 7, Wednesday 11th March at 7pm in the library and your new Executive was voted in. We are excited to start off a new year with some new faces, and established ones to help guide.

Your P&C Exec for 2020 is:

President: Jodie Steele
Vice Presidents: Jenny Connell & Brad Mitchell
Secretary: Kate Anderson
Treasurer: Mai Zhao
Vice Treasurer: Ari Pappas

If you would like to get hold of any of the P&C Executive, please email scps.pandc@gmail.com and your email will be forwarded.

Twilight Cinema South Coogee – POSTPONED

We regretfully advise that we need to postpone the upcoming Twilight Cinema South Coogee. This was not an easy decision, however the ongoing health and safety concerns around COVID-19 has meant that it is no longer possible to go ahead with the event. We thank everyone who has volunteered their time already, especially Leane Economou, and will plan to hold the event at the end of the school year.

We have cancelled the event in Eventbrite meaning full refunds will be issued to those who have purchased tickets already, including the Eventbrite fees. If you used PayPal to purchase your ticket, their fees unfortunately may not be refunded, but this is out of our control.

If you have any concerns or questions about this event or announcement, please contact scps.pandc@gmail.com

Grandparents Day – CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and direction from the Department of Education to implement distancing measures, we will be cancelling Grandparents Day this year. The elderly are some of the most vulnerable in our community, so the P&C completely supports this decision. This means all activities on this day are cancelled, including:

  • In-class visits
  • Assembly
  • Morning tea
  • Easter raffle

P&C Wish List for School Contributions

At the beginning of every year we put together a Wish List for how we spend P&C fundraising dollars back into the school. This list is made up of requests from our parents/carer community and the school itself.

This year the proposed list is made up of:

  • Kiss and go shelter (quote $8K) – get another quote
  • Audio upgrade for COLA and hall (quote $20K, roll over from 2019)
  • Outside sensory path (between hall and office building, quote $8K)
  • Numeracy $10K
  • Teacher resources $5K

We’ll also contribute as required to Sports Jerseys as requested and completing toilet upgrades (painting and positive decals).

This equates to $51,000 plus in total, which given what we have rolled over from 2019 is achievable.

We will officially vote on these at our next P&C Meeting in Term 3.

We are really excited about the list this year as it covers general contributions as well as tangible items. We’re also contributing to a wide range of activities – academic, wellbeing, practical/infrastructure, and sports.

Given sometimes there is a disconnect around where the P&C money goes to the wider parent carer body, we will also look at getting some plaques made to accompany physical donations (such as the Kiss & Go Shelter and Sensory Path).

Next P&C Meeting

Our next P&C Meeting will be in Week 3 of Term 2 – Wednesday 13th May at 7pm in the library.

Until next time,

Your P&C