P&C Newsletter Term 2, Week 1 (laaaate!)

Hi everyone,

Hope you survived the holidays (what day is it again?), and are smoothly into another term of WTAF? We know it’s a frustrating time right now, and one of so much uncertainty, but rest assured our amazing teachers, staff and school exec are doing all they can to prep our wonderful community and keep everyone going through this mind boggling time. Trish Fisher has come back at a really crazy moment in history, so let’s give her the support she needs, so she can provide us all with the absolute best care and information that she can.

The P&C Exec have meet (online!) to discuss where we’re at and are currently implementing strategies to try and keep some stuff going on in the background. Obviously, it’s going to be a year we’ve never experienced in our lifetime, but that doesn’t mean we stop completely. For example, we’ve agreed that we will continue with the AV upgrade in the school hall and COLA that has been previously approved. All other wish list items will be dealt with and prioritised as we progress through the year.

Next P&C Meeting – Wednesday 13th May

Now more than ever it is important for our community of parents, carers and students to stay connected. For this reason, the P&C have decided to take the next P&C Meeting online! We have purchased a Zoom Pro account month by month to trial for the first meeting for Term 2.

Given that, the next P&C meeting is this Wednesday 13th May. We will need to rejig the agenda slightly to suit an online format, but all in all the information you receive will remain the same. Jodie Steele our 2020 President will chair and report, Trish Fisher will give a Principals report, and Mai Zhou will give a Treasurers Report.

Where it will be different is that ALL agenda items, whether it be general or specific questions, will need to be submitted 2 days before the meeting, and those questions/topics will be addressed by the P&C President to the relevant person to answer. At this stage we will not be opening it up for discussion/chat, until we work out the attendee numbers and level of interest.

All attendees will be on mute for this first meeting, but we hope to open this up in consequent meetings should they continue to be online. Please bear with us while we navigate this new format to work for everyone.

THEREFORE: if you have any general questions for the School or P&C Exec please submit them by 4pm Monday 11th May to be included in the meeting.

Remember, you can always email or call the school if you have specific questions about your individual circumstances on sthcoogee-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au or 9349 4000.

The Meeting link, ID and Password will be sent to you in the P&C Newsletter email from your class parent, and posted in the P&C Facebook Group. If you are not a member of the FB group (please join!) or do not receive an email please contact scps.pandc@gmail.com for the details. Please include the name of your children and their Year/Class name so we know you are part of our community.

I will also create an Event in the P&C Facebook Group with these details. If you could register your interest there so we know how many people to expect that would be amazing. We have a limit of 100, so it’ll be first in on the night that is accepted should we break that limit (I’m giggling to myself just writing that).

Minutes for the last meeting are HERE

Looking Out for our Local Small Businesses

At the beginning of the year we asked SCPS Small Business Owners to register via the Class Lists, so we could work on ways during 2020 to help promote within our community. Now, more than ever, has this become so very important. We’re working on ways to further highlight these wonderful businesses, so please, if you are a local business owner and didn’t register, send us an email scps.pandc@gmail.com with your name, business name and website. We’ll be in touch soon with more info, and the list to assist you to support our families will be with you soon.

Uniform News

Ellise and her team have been doing an awesome job at trying to keep our uniform needs going! Term 2 is officially winter uniform, although there is always a bit of leeway the first few weeks of the term.

We know a lot of you may be needing to stock up on uniform items, especially jumpers and winter uniforms.

Ellise has spoken with the school and at this stage we are unable to physically open the store. The best way to get uniforms at present is to order online through MunchMonitor. For those of you that are unfamiliar, this is the same website that you make your canteen orders through. If you haven’t registered before the details are below:

School ID: sthcps
Password: munch2034

We will continue to process orders on a Friday as per usual, HOWEVER they will be left at the office and will need to be picked up from there.

Don’t stress if you don’t know what size you need. Just take a guesstimate and we can swap if there are any issues.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase second hand uniforms at this time.

As soon as the school is advised that the uniform shop is able to re-open, we will implement a system where we will re-open whilst still maintaining the correct social distancing requirements.

Please also note that you may be able to find some of our uniform items in Lowe’s, BigW, Target, Best&Less and Kmart in the interim.


Due to the lease expiring and the uncertainty of the current events surrounding the coronavirus, they have decided to close the shop at 96 Maroubra Road on 15 June 2020.

They have all your winter uniforms ready and would like to ensure things go smoothly and our students would not be suddenly caught short on uniforms required. The shop will stay opened until the date above but will observe the social distancing rules.

Berelles are encouraging their customers to shop online at www.berelleschoolwear.com.au. All girls uniforms will still be available in the meantime via this website. Ellise is working on some options to better assist our school community though. Stay tuned!

At present, the physical shop is having a closing down sale – although it may be best to call to enquire on sizes before you go as they are running low on some things.

After the said date online ordering will be the only mode of trading.

Scholastic Book Club – ONLINE

Scholastic Book Club is running a digital catalogue this term with all the usual fantastic selection of educational and popular titles.


Orders are due by May 18.

Please be aware that there will be NO school deliveries for this edition. Order in the usual way and you will be given the option to have your order home delivered for a small fee ($5.95).

It’s a great time to treat your kids with a few new books and orders will still support our library.

Happy Reading!

Until next time,
Your P&C