P&C Newsletter Term 2, Week 5

Hi lovely SCPS Parents & Carers,

And just like that we are back at school full time! What a ride the last two months have been, we hope you’ve survived it all. Looking back, it reminds me of a saying I used to say when the kids were just babies – “the days are long, but the weeks are short”. I still can’t believe this all started 9 weeks ago!

Although we are moving ahead with an ease of restrictions and return to school, we all still need to be aware of the health recommendations around social distancing. One of the biggest issues with students going back full time is pick up time at 3pm as many of us have experienced already. The school isn’t allowed parents on school grounds, so we have to do the best we can to be patient and keep space between us. Every day has been quicker than the previous, and I’m sure this will continue to fasten as students return to OOSH in more numbers.

Please keep your distance from those around you while lining up, particularly if you don’t know the other person. I’ve personally had parents I don’t know stand uncomfortably close to me in line, even standing right next to me on the path. We’ve also had reports of parents pushing in and joining their friends in line. PLEASE let’s be respectful of everyone and do the right thing.

There’s also no point getting cranky with teachers, who are doing their best to get your kids out to you. Keep calm and give them the respect they deserve in the tough situation we all find ourselves in. Remember how we were all hailing them as heroes whilst trying to home school our kids… repeat that mantra to yourselves at pick up time!

P&C Meeting – Wednesday 10th June

The next P&C Meeting is on Wednesday 10th June at 7pm. Given the current guidelines, and in conjunction with the school, we have decided to run the meeting again on Zoom.

We’ll be opening up the chat for this meeting, so questions can be asked as we go along, with the P&C Secretary Kate asking those questions to the relevant person at the end of each section. Hopefully that helps the meeting be slightly more interactive.

Any questions or topics for General Business must still be submitted 2 days before the meeting so we have a chance to get answers or research pre-meeting. If you have any General Business, please make sure you submit to the P&C by 7pm Monday 8th June via the email scps.pandc@gmail.com.

If you have any feedback on the first meeting we had this term, please do also send through to the P&C emails address so we can take into consideration and make any changes agreed.

Something we will be tabling is if we should hold online meeting slightly later in the evening to give people a chance to get kids into bed, have partners home etc. If you are a paid member of the P&C, please try and attend the meeting to vote on that matter.

Pick up Procedure

At this stage the Pick Up Procedure will remain the same, and we have attached the school documentation as reconfirmation of where you line up. If you haven’t yet seen this documentation, please ensure you have Skoolbag on your phone. If this is not possible you can access Skoolbag on the home page of the school website www.southcoogeepublicschool.com

We have spoken to the school about the suggestions and concerns voiced – please find below the email we received back to share with you. To note is the ability to have your senior siblings pick up their younger ones and meet you outside the gate…

Hi Jodie

Thanks for reaching out with the concerns identify on Facebook regarding pick up. I know you appreciate and are aware that we don’t make these decisions lightly factoring in the complexity and many aspects that go into making school organisation successful especially during these unprecedented times. We are aware of the bumpy start on Monday where weather was not helpful and everyone was sorting out the new procedures. At this stage staggered times and using the top Moverly gate are not options. However, children from years 3 – 6 have always been able to leave independently after 3pm with parents’ permission. Parents often advise the school as a courtesy. Although, if an older sibling is collecting a younger sibling to walk home, a letter to the school will be required.

I understand the difficulty for parents, we are in the rain and cold too ensuring that every last child is collected safely by a carer. I would like to remind parents that gates open promptly at 8.30am and 3pm and if children need care before and after these times to contact OOSH.



Uniform Shop News

As you may know, Berelles are closing their retail outlet down and going online only. As a general decision we have decided that we will stock girls uniforms in the School Uniform Shop, but the logistics around that is yet to be determined. We will keep you informed as we make decisions ongoing.

Wish List

The AV Hall/COLA project is going ahead, we are just obtaining a second quote.

As agreed in the last P&C Meeting, we will also be proceeding with the Kiss & Go Shelter, and are currently discussing with the school what that may look like, along with something very helpful members of our P&C Community.


We have confirmed with the school that all events for Term 2, including Winter Musicale, have been cancelled. Term 3 events will be looked at closer to the time. Thanks for your patience and understanding on this!

Thanks so much everyone for your support during this time. Have a great week!

Your P&C