P&C Newsletter 2021 – Term 1, Week 4

Hi everyone,

As we go charging into Term 1, I want to thank all the amazing parents and carers who have put their hand up already to help with the P&C. To those of you taking on unofficial Class Parent Rep roles already, we salute you, and hope you continue to be a hugely important part of our school community this year.

THANK YOU to all you amazing souls who joined us for the first P&C meeting for the year on Zoom! We had 44 participants, which is a record in my 5 years of being involved. Outstanding effort, and I trust you will all continue to come along and be involved through the year.

Lots of info below, so let’s get into it!

NEXT P&C MEETING – Wednesday 10th March 2021

The next P&C Meeting is our AGM, then a General Meeting. At the AGM we vote in the new Exec for 2021. The expression of interest was tabled at the last meeting, but those who wish to put their name forward still have time to do so. Please email scps.pandc@gmail.com if you would like to put your name forward for a specific position, or to be a general financial member of the Executive Team.

At the P&C AGM, all parents and carers who wish to be a paid up member of the P&C (ie. Able to vote during the year and at the AGM), must bring a minimum $1 membership fee. At this stage the meeting will be in person, with a Zoom option. If you would like to be a paid up member, but cannot attend the meeting, please make your P&C Membership contribution via the Uniform Shop Website…


Please find the P&C Meeting Minutes from the last meeting HERE. We covered a lot in the meeting, so please have a read to be as informed and involved as you can be.


Due to privacy reasons, each year we must recollect everyone’s information from scratch for our P&C Class Lists.

The Class List Form is now closed, and we will get the filtered lists to you as soon as possible.

If you did not fill in your details on time, please send an email to scps.pandc@gmail.com to have them manually entered, or get hold of your Class Parent rep for inclusion.

If you expressed an interest in the Exec we will email you shortly with further details. if you put your hand up for a Class Parent Rep position or other event or sub-committee we will be in touch in the next week so so. Thanks so much for your patience!


This year the P&C are introducing Code of Conduct and Social Media Policies for all P&C Members to abide by. These policies are based on the P&C Federation policies, with a few amendments, and we will be publishing the drafts in the next P&C Newsletter. It would be appreciated if everyone could please read over them and submit any feedback or questions to scps.pandc@gmail.com before Friday 5th March 2021. A final version will be presented at the next P&C Meeting (10th March) and be put into practice.

It is worth noting that these policies revolve predominantly around respectful behaviour, both on and offline towards all members of our school community, whether they be parents and carers, teachers and staff, or other persons. It also outlines appropriate content to be addressed at a P&C Level, as opposed to conversing with the School itself.

If you have any comments or concerns that you would like considered in advance please let us know ASAP.

Until next time,
Your P&C