P&C Newsletter – Term 1, Week 2, 2022

Welcome everyone to 2022, especially our new families who have joined our wonderful SCPS Community. Even though it’s been another rocky start to the year, we are looking forward to reconnecting with everyone and hopefully planning some fun events with you all.

The South Coogee Public School P&C (Parents & Citizens) is a group of parents and carers who are committed to supporting our children and their school through a wide range of engaging programs and fun social activities.

We’re keen to welcome a diverse group of members. Many hands make light work and the more parent/carers who contribute, the more fun it is. We hope you consider getting involved this year!

P&C MEETING – Wednesday 9th February

Out first P&C Meeting for the year is this Wednesday 9th February at 7pm. It’s a shame we need to do it via Zoom, but hopefully the next one can be in person.

Agenda will be as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Reports
    • Trish Fisher – SCPS Principal
    • Jodie Steele – SCPS P&C President, 2021
    • Daniel Moore – SCPS P&C Treasurer, 2021
  • P&C Roles And Committees
  • Event Calendar/Fundraising
  • Wish List
  • Uniform Shop
  • OOSH Update
  • General Business

Any questions or new agenda items need to be sent through to scps.pandc@gmail.com by Monday evening please. We typically don’t address new business at the meeting itself.

All welcome! Hope to see you there!

2022 P&C ROLES

P&C Executive Team

Although we have some Exec Members willing to stay on this year, we are also always keen for more wonderful people to join us in leading the P&C this year. We’re a friendly bunch, and we love new faces and ideas, so please consider joining the team! If you would like more information on the roles available, please check out the P&C Website:


We also have a number of sub committees that run events or have interest in certain areas. If you would like to lead or become involved in a sub committee please ensure you volunteer on the online class lists that are coming out soon. More details are here:

Class Parents Reps

Each year we ask that two or more people in each class volunteer as Class Parent Reps for that class. The role of the Class Parent Rep is to distribute information from the P&C to the other class parents, as well as lead any fundraising events. We also encourage these parents where possible to attend the P&C meetings regularly, although this is not compulsory. It’s a great way to meet other parents in your class/year and get involved in our wonderful school community.

You can register your interest in these roles via the Class List Form (link below), or also feel free to email scps.pandc@gmail.com.


Due to privacy reasons, each year we must recollect everyone’s information from scratch for our P&C Class Lists. If you have filled out one of these forms on the past, you MUST fill out this years if you would like to be on your Class List.

When you enter your details in this Class List, the details will only be made available to the P&C Executive Committee, and your allocated Class Parent Rep, who will distribute to the other parents in your class only. These lists are the basis for all P&C communications throughout the year, as well as providing a great resource for your children’s friends and classmates for party or playdate information.

This form is also where you can fill out any event, role or committee interests. We love volunteers, the more the merrier! Please indicate your preferences in this form.

If you would like to Volunteer for a committee or event but would NOT like your details in the Class List, please fill out this form, but email scps.pandc@gmail.com as well and we will ensure your details are only kept for these volunteering opportunities.

Please fill out your details using THIS LINK


If you are in the P&C Facebook Group (if you’re not please join!), you would’ve seen a flurry of activity around Class Group links. Every year after the kids go into their new classes, groups are set up via FB and WhatsApp to help connect parents. The full list is in the P&C Group, so please join and get the info as it comes!


There are a plethora of apps and ways the school and P&C communicate with our community. Unfortunately not one platform fits all methods, so please make sure you are across the various mediums.

  • Skoolbag – one off messages, urgent comms, newsletters from the school. Also some P&C information.
  • Operoo – any information that needs permissions, signing off etc. Also where you’ll find any personalised comms – school fees, excursions etc
  • Flexischools – Canteen ordering (available from 9th February)
  • Storypark – OOSH communications
  • My Family Lounge – OOSH enrolments and attendance

P&C Online



School Online




The Uniform Shop is open and running, with all second hand and new items available for sale. All orders that are received during the week will be delivered to your child’s classroom each Friday.

All new items can be purchased via our website:


For all enquiries and secondhand purchases, please email uniformshop.scps@gmail.com.

Until next time,

Your P&C