P&C Newsletter Term 2, Week 7

Hi lovely SCPS Parents & Carers,

We hope the transition back into school life has gone well for you all. Only three weeks to go until school holidays which is crazy!

P&C Meeting – Wednesday 10th June

Thank you to all those who logged in for the P&C Meeting on Wednesday. It was a great catch up, a bit more interactive than the first, with some good questions and comments in the chat. The meeting minutes can be found in the link below, and the next meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th August.


Kiss & Go

If you use Kiss & Go in the afternoon you’ll know it’s a pretty busy 20 minutes, and Macleay street in particular looping into Tucabia is problematic.

The school is speaking with Council to make Macleay St no parking in order to help with Kiss & Go, however please go around the block if you cannot get into the line on Tucabia properly. The first 10 metres of Tucabia is no stopping and the Ranger has said they will be booking people.

If you have senior children, they are able to pick up their junior siblings and leave the school grounds independently. If you have that option, please use it! You can meet them outside school easily, or they can walk and meet you a little further away. No lining up in traffic and no lining up in queue, it’s a win win!

Alternatively, think about coming at 3.05/3.10pm instead. The school will keep them dry until you arrive. They are in safe hands.

Also please respect each other with patience and keep 1.5m social distance when queuing in person. Distancing may not be important to you, but it is to others.

Finally, remember no parking in no stopping zones, disabled spots, bus stops, or people’s driveways. It’s dangerous and disrespectful to our community members.

Thank you so much. PLEASE pass this information on to any partners, grandparents, nannies, or anyone else picking up your children in the afternoons.

Uniform Policy 2020

The school has updated the uniform policy slightly, so please have a read to familiarise yourself. Any questions or concerns please direct to the school office.

Uniform Policy 2020 HERE

Wish List

We have submitted a grant application through the Community Building Partnership to assist with the funding of the new Kiss and Go Shelter. Thanks to Trish Fisher, Brad Mitchell, and especially Ari Pappas for pulling this together at such short notice. Huge effort!

School Holiday Vacation Care

The school holidays are coming up in a few weeks, and as per usual SCPS OOSH is offering a jam-packed Vacation Care Programme. Click on image below for more details.

Murphy Sports is also now open for July Soccer Holiday Club bookings. With 3 full days for $120 and single days for $45 you can’t go wrong. Venue: Maroubra Bay Public School

Book before 21st June and get a high bounce ball. They also accept Active Kids vouchers.


Small Business Community | #supportlocal

For the last few months we have been compiling a SCPS P&C Small Business Listing to complement our Monthly Business Post Programme in the Facebook Group. Attached are those businesses that have registered so far… but we know there’s more as we’ve seen you post in the group! If you’d like to be included in the next update, please email scps.pandc@gmail.com.

See SCPS Small Business Register HERE. We’ll pretty it up a little as we go along too.

Thanks so much everyone for your support during this time. Have a great week!

Your P&C