P&C Newsletter Term 3, Week 2

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Term 3! Hope your first week went well, and you’re staying dry and healthy! There is a lot of uniform information this week, so please read carefully.

We’ll also be changing the weeks we send these newsletters, to align better with the P&C Meetings. We can then easily do a reminder the week before and send out minutes the week after.

Next P&C Meeting – Wednesday 5th August

The next P&C meeting is next Wednesday 5th August and will be via Zoom.

As per previous meetings, please submit any General Business items or questions in advance. The cut off time for these submissions will be midday Monday 3rd August.

Hope to see you all there!

Remember, you can always email or call the school if you have specific questions about your individual circumstances on sthcoogee-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au or 9349 4000.

Meeting details to log-in will de distributed by Class Parents via email, and posted in the P&C Facebook Group. If you are not seeing these messages please let us know ASAP.

Minutes for the last meeting are HERE

Uniform News

Please read below for information on procedures for the uniform shop for Term 3 as well as important information regarding ordering new girls winter uniforms.

Ordering second hand uniform items:

On an interim basis, please use the attached Google form to request any second hand items from the SCPS uniform shop.


Requests will be reviewed each week and fulfilled if stock is available. We will advise you if we are able to fulfil your order including the required payment which will need to be made via MunchMonitor. All items paid for via MunchMonitor by COB each Thursday will be delivered to your child’s classroom each Friday.

Please do not make payments for second hand items in advance i.e. unless you have received confirmation of your order via the uniform shop.

If your order cannot be fulfilled at the time of your request you will be asked if you would like your request to be kept on a waiting list and fulfilled as stock is donated.

Ordering new uniform items:

The current process remains unchanged. Please continue to order new items via MunchMonitor. Orders placed by COB each Thursday will be delivered to your child’s classroom each Friday (i.e. the following day).


Ordering new girls uniforms:

We are currently holding limited stock of new girls winter uniforms in the SCPS uniform shop. Please email uniformshopscps@gmail.com if you wish to purchase a new winter girls uniform with the quantity and size you require and we will respond to you ASAP.

Please note that from next term (Term 4) students will be in summer uniforms. We will be stocking new girls summer uniforms in the uniform shop and will let you know more information once they are available for purchase. We appreciate your support and patience as we make the transition to bringing the girls uniforms into the uniform shop.

If you have any questions regarding the uniform shop please email uniformshopscps@gmail.com. We will endeavour to respond within 24hrs.

Uniform clarification:

A query was recently raised regarding the difference between girls and boys uniforms. The question was “Can the girls wear the grey pants or dress instead of the plaid material, as it is often less expensive and easier to obtain?”.

We have spoken to the school, and the answer is yes.

The key note to understand however is that whatever uniform option you choose, it must be the current approved uniform (see options below) – no mix and matching items from the different options.

In regards to the tunic/skirt, they must be in the official plaid material. No substituting for a plain grey design.

So that means the options for our school uniform is as follows:


  1. Sky blue short-sleeved shirt, grey school shorts, grey socks
  2. School blue and white striped short sleeved shirt, navy blue culottes, white socks
  3. School blue and white striped dress, white socks


  1. Sky blue long-sleeved shirt or sky blue skivvy, grey school long trousers, grey socks
  2. School plaid tunic (can also be worn as a skirt only), school sky blue long sleeved shirt OR sky blue skivvy, grey socks OR stockings
  3. School plaid pants, school sky blue long sleeved shirt OR sky blue skivvy, grey socks


  1. Sky blue short sleeved polo, royal blue shorts or skort
  2. Sky blue short sleeved polo, royal blue tracksuit pants or bootleg long sports pants


  1. Royal blue wide brimmed hat
  2. Royal blue jumper or button up cardigan
  3. Black Shoes – trainers or leather

So essentially all students can wear either the current ‘boys’ uniform OR the current ‘girls’ uniform, but no actual changes to the uniform can be made.

We will go through this further at the next P&C Meeting, so if you have any questions please come along and ask there or email scps.pandc@gmail.com

Events in Term 3

There were a number of events scheduled for Term 3, but unfortunately due to the current Covid restrictions in place none of these will be able to take place in-person. Please see below for the current status of events for Term 3:

  • 5th August – P&C Meeting, 7pm via Zoom
  • 2nd September – P&C Meeting, 7pm via Zoom
  • 4th September – Father’s Day Breakfast, plus in-class activities CANCELLED
  • 7th September – Silver Coin Challenge GOING AHEAD
  • 12th September – Election Day BBQ CANCELLED

There are a number of School Events in Term 3, such as Book Week, Education Week, 100 Days of Kindy, Kindy Orientation, and Camps. All excursions and incursions are cancelled, and the school is working towards how to engage the parent community with the events they are able to run internally. The school will be in touch as this happens.

School photos are currently scheduled for Tuesday 8th September.

The P&C Exec are currently looking at other ways to fundraise and engage with our community in a Covid-safe manner. We will present some options at the next P&C Meeting for discussion.

Canteen News


Canteen is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for both recess and lunch.

They are offering a “Lite” version of their menu, this has been amended to streamline food prep, service times and ensure their team is not onsite any more than necessary to stay in line with Covid-19 restrictions.

Happy Ordering.

Until next time,

Your P&C