P&C Newsletter Term 4, Week 4

Hi everyone,

I’m a little late getting this out, apologies. Next week will have more information included!

P&C Meetings

The next P&C Meeting will be on Wednesday 25th November 2020 at 7pm. We are excited to announce that we are once again allowed back on school grounds for this meeting!

Zoom has been fun and all, but given this is the last meeting of a particularly challenging year, we thought it might be nice to get together in person. We’ll be putting on a few drinks and nibbles, and doing our usual end of year thank you’s. We’ll also talk about what next years meetings might look like, as there has definitely been positives to both online and in-person meetings.

There is a strict limit of 30 people only, so I will be setting up an Eventbrite link to register your attendance, keeping in line with current Department policy. Hope to see you there!

Meeting minutes from Week 3 are here:

If you have anything you would like added to the agenda, please have it emailed to scps.pandc@gmail.com by Friday 20th November.

End of Year Teacher Gifts

Trish has been looking at end of year gift boxes for staff for thanks to teachers for a difficult year. Included are nice items for teachers and for their classrooms and asked if the P&C would like to contribute to these. Total $2500 overall, for this one-off contribution.

It was voted on with 70% in favour of the idea.

The question has been raised whether this is in replacement of the traditional end-of-year gifts that class parents often organise on behalf of parents. The intent of the hampers was not for this reason, and each class is always different in how they handle this. Some may still like to get a group together for a class gift, while others may prefer to give individually, but there is no pressure either way. It’s been a tough year financially for some families, and we understand everyone has different circumstances.

 Uniform News

Just a quick reminder of the new Uniform Shop Website. All reports so far are that it has been super easy to use, so once again thank you to Brad Mitchell for getting it up and running, and Elise and Dee for all their hard work.


Some super exciting news is that we look to be able to have a Uniform Shop Sale this term! Stay tuned for dates and how it will all work.

If you have any questions please send us an email at uniformshopscps@gmail.com.

Year 6 Graduation

Another quick reminder about the Year 6 Graduation Fundraising! If you’re a Y6 parent, please head to the Chuffed Page and donate what you can to help our kids have the best fun afternoon ever!


Until next time,
Your P&C