P&C Newsletter – Term 3, Week 3

Wonderful SCPS Remote Community!

Well its Week 3 of Term 3, and we are in the midst of home schooling again unfortunately.  This is not the ideal situation for anyone, parents, kids and teachers would all prefer to be in school I am sure… but we have got this and we will get through it!  If anyone needs additional support please reach out to the school, further details below.


All upcoming events are currently on hold, obviously awaiting further Government advice. We can confirm that the Father’s Day Breakfast has unfortunately been cancelled and we will communicate regarding other events as the situation develops.

P&C meeting will be going ahead via zoom, Wednesday 28th July at 7pm.

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Meeting ID: 341 789 0579

Passcode: 958539


Item 1: Attendance & Apologies
Item 2: Minutes of previous meeting
Item 3: Reports
a) Principal – Trish Fisher
b) President – Jodie Steele
c) Treasurer – Daniel Moore
Item 3: Events/Fundraising (Jodie)
a) Regular & Major Events
Item 4: Grants
Item 5: Wish List
Item 6: Committee update
a) Uniform Shop (Ellise)
b) OOSH Update (Claire)
Item 7: General Business

Whole School Assembly will be held via zoom on Friday 30 July at 2.15pm. Zoom link will be sent out via google classroom this week.


The short story is that SCPS is conducting remote learning as per Dept of Education guidelines. In bullet point form these are:

Learning from both home and school

• Families to be encouraged to keep their children at home wherever possible. Schools are open for essential workers and those who cannot sort supervision for their children in another capacity during this remote learning period.

• Minimum staff on-site to oversee one unit of learning for students, noting that flexible syllabus requirements are in place.

• All lessons that are provided for children at home, are the same that are delivered at school.

• Use existing teaching and learning programs – where required, adapt for students learning from home.

• Make adjustments and adapt learning activities to support the learning needs of all students.

• Include regular check-ins to clarify content and support wellbeing of students learning from home.

• Build in flexible options for students to demonstrate learning.

• Plan for alternative provision of feedback to students learning from home.

• Implement strategies to support the wellbeing and engagement of all students.

• Zoom: We recommend that teachers pre-record lessons and provide feedback. The live session should be no longer than 20 mins.

The recommended times spent on learning is depicted in the images attached.

If you feel like one of these points is not being met by your teacher, then I encourage you to contact your teacher directly with your specific needs/concerns. There is not one cookie cutter approach to a class of 30, nor a school over over 500. They are doing the best they can under current guidelines, but in my experience are happy to accommodate for different learners where they can.

There are many ways to contact your class teacher:

• Email if you have it. If you don’t, check with your class parent rep.

• Google Classrooms. You can ask questions on your stream or private message the teacher direct.

• Via the school office email address, they will forward accordingly – sthcoogee-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Please be aware that your teachers are working so hard behind the scenes to try and support our kids. Many are also in the same position as us where they are working full time while trying to conduct remote learning with their own children. Be patient, be kind. It’s hard for everyone.

Hot Tip: Don’t ignore No Caller ID phone calls like I usually do. Chances are it’s your teacher checking in with you! 😉


We are all struggling with keeping the kids occupied, whilst working, caring for others, cleaning, trying to keep sane etc etc.  I have put together a list of lots of extra-curricular activities you can get the kids involved in, and hopefully buy you some peace!

And some ideas from the wonderful educators at OOSH:

OK hopefully that keeps you going for a few weeks, and we can be back in school as soon as possible.

This one’s for Ellise –

Stay Safe 🙂

Until next time,

Your P&C