P&C Newsletter – Term 4, Week 2

Hello Parents and Carers of SCPS

Congratulations everyone, we are nearly at the end of home schooling!  Term 4 is underway and the kids will be returning over the next couple of weeks which I am sure everyone is very excited about 😊 


Fiesta has unfortunately been cancelled for 2021, whilst this was a sad decision I am sure we will come back bigger and better when the time is right.

However, Christmas is just around the corner and we will be running a great Christmas Tree and Christmas Pudding fundraiser. 

Christmas Trees

Our real tree’s will be approx. 6ft tall and priced at $85 per tree.  You can also purchase tree stands if necessary.  Orders must be placed by Friday 19th November via www.schooltrees.com.au   Please select South Coogee on check out, and trees will be delivered to the school on Sunday 5th December.  You can collect the tree from school, or we will be arranging delivery to the local area separately nearer the time if you cannot transport the tree!  More details to come. 

Christmas Puddings

Again, orders are placed via www.schooltrees.com.au, with the latest order date being 19 November for delivery on 5 December to the school.  There are a wide range of puddings to choose from, priced around the $30 mark.

Please note these sales are open to the public, so please share far and wide, with family, colleagues etc.  We would love to get some funds for the school before the end of the year.  Ensure they know to select South Coogee school when purchasing!

P&C 2022

If you would like to get involved with the South Coogee Public School P&C next year, please consider putting yourself forward for one of the Executive Positions.  You can view details of the positions on the website: https://southcoogeepublicpandc.org.au/executive-committee/


Thank you to those who attended the Back to School info night last week.  For those who missed it you can view the recording here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qmMIOVkc6azBUUimb8uBnkSO8vQVobA8/view

If anyone still has questions, you can submit them to school via Survey Monkey:


Slides were sent out via Skoolbag, but below are some of the most important pieces of information.  We are currently returning on a Level 3+ plan.


An update from Jack and the OOSH staff:

That’s it for now, I hope everyone is well and the transition back to school goes smoothly.  Any questions reach out to the school or via the survey monkey link listed above 😊

Your P&C